Australian Druidry

Australian Druidry is my spiritual path. Druidry is a modern nature-based spirituality, inspired by what we know of the ancient Druids of the Celtic people of Britain, Ireland and some parts of Europe. Their art, stories, and wisdom inform how we can connect to the sacred landscape no matter where we are in the world. In my book Australian Druidry I explore how we can apply this wisdom to the Australian landscape, its seasons, animal and plant wisdom, and how it can spark our creativity through ritual practices.
Creating jewelry and other items for Forest Spirit Jewelry is my creative outlet and my Awen. I also love writing and exploring the magic of nature, as well as storytelling, songwriting, poetry and other forms of art. If you'd like to know more about Australian Druidry, I hope you'll enjoy my book, and I also have a blog at where you can follow my journey living in the Blue Mountains and learning the stories and energies of another place. You can also listen to me talk about Druidry and other subjects on my podcast Forest Spirituality with Julie Brett. Listen here or on iTunes or Podbean.