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Australian Druidry

Druidry is a modern nature-based spirituality inspired by what we know of the ancient Druids of the ancient Celts of Britain, Ireland and some parts of Europe. Druidic wisdom informs how we can connect to the sacred landscape no matter where we are in the world. In my book Australian Druidry I explore how we can apply this wisdom to the Australian landscape, its seasons, animal and plant wisdom, and how it can spark our creativity through ritual practices.

As well as jewelry inspired by this spiritual path, I also offer learning opportunities through the website here, particularly teaching about the Wheel of the Year and how to create your own local wheel of eight seasonal celebrations through seasonal observations and understanding natural symbolism. 

Memberships to online content start at $49 a month or $299 for a year. See the paid membership plans here for more details. 

You can also attend the live events as a one off without the online content. See what's coming up here

I also have a blog at and a podcast series, Forest Spirituality with Julie Brett for more information. 


Or you can purchase my book and workbook to get started below:  

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Learn how to create your own local Wheel of the Year via a live Zoom event. Find out what's coming up next below:

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