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About Forest Spirit Jewelry

Hi! I'm Julie and I create all the pieces for Forest Spirit Jewelry: magickal and spiritual jewelry inspired by nature. All the pieces are handmade with semiprecious stones, crystals, fossils and other materials. I like to use resin clay which is all hand sculpted. I also use leather, macrame and metalwork. Each piece is made with a story to tell about how you can bring its magic into your life. I love sharing my spiritual path with you through my creative work. Mine is a path full of the magic of the forest and the natural world. I'm also inspired by Druids, Witches and other magical folk and the stories of Gods, Goddesses and the otherworlds. There is a bit of magic in every piece. Below is a menu of the different types of jewelry I have on offer. Click the images to see more.  


Resin Clay Necklaces

I use apoxie sculpting clay which has a resin base, with oil paint based colours and mica finishes. Some details are in metal. The macrame cord work is a waxed polyester cord. Pieces come with meanings, stories and in many shapes and sizes, from tiny charms for children, to large ritual pieces. 


My leatherwork is hand-stamped, tooled, painted and put together. They take many hours to design and craft. Pieces include necklaces, cuffs, headpieces and bags. The designs are inspired by Celtic and Germanic knotwork and animal designs. 

 What is available is always changing.

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I make charm earrings, resin clay and crystal earrings and leather earrings. Most are hooks in base metal but this can be changed to a stud or silver metal on request. It may incur an additional charge. 


Bracelets are made with crystal, clay and cord, or with leather. You can find all styles here. They are adjustable unless otherwise stated. 

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