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Ogham Peace Bracelet

Ogham Peace Bracelet

Choose either black or brown. Made with leather, hand carved with ogham letters that spell out the phrase "May there be peace" in Irish Gaelic: "Go mbeadh síocháin ann". Ogham letters are an ancient alphabet that was used to write in Irish text on marker stones throughout the British Isles. The alphabet's letters are associated with many lists of sacred items, but they are most famous for their associations with trees. In modern Pagan practice and Druidry, the ogham are used as a tree lore divination tool, each symbol representing a different tree. The letters of the phrase "Go mbeadh síocháin ann" include the following:

G:  Gort - Ivy - Wandering, seeking, oneness, intertwined fates
O: Onn - Gorse - Passion, protection, collecting and gathering
M: Muin - Vine - Festivity, celebration, ecstasy, prophecy
B: Beith - Birch - new beginnings, cleansing
E: Ebad - Aspen - overcoming, willpower, rebirth
A: Ailm - Scots Pine - Elation, enthusiasm, clairvoyance

D: Duir - Oak - Leadership, strength, longevity, knowledge

H: Huathe - Hawthorn - Fertility, sexuality, sensuality

S: Saille - Willow - Intuition, sensitivity, magic

I: Ioho - Yew - longevity, rebirth, the eternal, cycles of life and death

R: Ruis - Elder - Completion, endings and beginnings, the elder, the cailleach


Sold individually, not as a pair. 

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