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'Circle of Eight' by Jane Meredith

'Circle of Eight' by Jane Meredith

This book is out of print, but Jane Meredith is a friend of mine and has given me permission to stock some of the last copies available. I absolutely adore this book and think it is very valuable for people all over the world who are exploring their local areas and how to connect with place through ritual, the wheel of the year, the directions and the elements. Jane's writing style combines explanations of concepts that can be used anywhere in the world, along with case studies and stories of her own personal experiences that invite the reader in to discover their own way of working with the concepts. 


Circle of Eight helps the reader to learn about the eight directions of the circle in sacred space, and in the world around us. I hope you'll enjoy reading this book as much as I have. I consider it a valuable addition in learning to my own books and adding another layer of depth of meaning to our understandings of the wheel of the year. 


Julie Brett

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