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Bards, Ovates and Druids

Druidry is the spiritual path that I follow. It is a modern nature-based spirituality, inspired by what we know of the ancient Celtic Druids. I also takes inspiration from our ancient ancestors who left stone circles and passage tombs, symbolic carvings and magical placenames that evoke the spirit of the land. We also look to more recent folklore and folk traditions, agricultural traditions and seasonal celebrations, as well as modern magical practice.

It is a path filled with wonder for the natural world. Where magic is found in the stories of the ancestors, the landscape, the spirits of trees, rivers, mountains, and the skies. It awakens us to a deep ancestral purpose.

Bards, Ovates and Druids are the names of the roles within modern Druidry. Some people take these as grades within orders of learning such as The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), while others see them as roles to be explored depending on our personal nature and skills. I have been creating jewelry for those on the path of Druidry for many years, and create pieces that will guide seekers through the grades, or as they explore the different roles as aspects of the self.

Bards are the storytellers, poets, musicians, singers, artists and performers. They work with inspiration as Awen (in Welsh) or Imbas (in Irish). It's important that they speak from the heart, and find the voice of the higher self - the self connected with the flow of spirit in all things. I have created various Bardic themed pieces to help Bards to find their personal expression of Awen; to seek out creative expression, find confidence and courage in performance, and the discipline to learn by memory. Blue is the colour of the bards, so I often use blue stones for Bardic pieces. This is appropriate as Blue stones are often associated with wisdom, inspiration, insight, self-expression, the voice of the higher self, and the inner vision which relates to storytelling. I also often use yellow stones as these increase confidence, mental clarity, courage, joy and originality, which I think are excellent qualities for Bards to explore. Stones I like to use for Bards include lapiz lazuli, sodalite, dumortierite, citrine, labradorite, picture jasper.

Ovates are the magicians, ritualists and seers of the Druidry traditions. Most similar to the witch's role, they travel the inner planes with meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming and visualisation. They work with spirit guides, and spirits of the land around them to work their magic and explore the mysteries of existence. They are magic-weilders, creating rituals for healing, transformation, divination, spiritual exploration and celebration.

The Ovate pieces I create explore various concepts relevant to the Ovate grade or role. Green is the colour of the Ovates. Green stones help us to connect with nature, which is so important to the role of the Ovate, as they work with plant and animal magic, augury (the reading of nature as divination), ritual and the seasons. There are also many stones that help us connect deeper with spirit as the Ovate is the magician and seer in the inner worlds such as amethyst, Mystic Merlinite, labradorite, moonstone and others.

The Druids are the community leaders, spiritual teachers, guides, advisors, philosophers and judges. Jewelry pieces I create for Druids reflect compassionate judgement, peaceful justice, teaching with humility, guidance and guardianship, activism and action, inner reflection, and community building. The colour of the Druids is white. White or clear crystals represent clarity of mind, focus, attention and direction. I also use stones that reflect compassion, balance, and good decision making. Green stones of course, represent nature and are relevant to all of the grades. Stones of community like Dalmatian jasper are also very relevant. As is malachite and obsidian which help with leadership and facilitator roles.

It’s been through Druidry that I have found this artform of jewelry making that I love so much. It is my Awen to make these pieces and I love sharing them with you. I love seeing them find their way to people whose journey reflects the stories that they tell, and that they can be worn with deep intention and meaning. I hope that they bring magic into everyone’s lives who wears them. Druidry is a wonderful journey of creativity, nature and community.

You can see all available pieces for Bards, Ovates and Druids here, or explore the meanings of all my jewelry and see how it relates to your personal path in exploring the roles and/or grades of Druidry.

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