Wonder of Existence

This piece is made with tektite, Mexican crazy lace agate, howlite carved into a skull shape, and garnet. This combination of stones is a celebration of the wonder that it is that we exist at all. Tektite is a kind of glass formed when a meteorite hits the earth. It holds a connection to the wider universe, with its energies having travelled unfathomable distances across space and time. Mexican crazy lace agate reminds us, with humour and joy to step back and wonder at the madness of life; to embrace the wild self and know that life doesn’t need to be all seriousness - we can let go and find the balance between our wild and domesticated selves. Howlite is a stone of trance experience and meditation, so sitting with with wonderous energy may have you find insight through the experience. The skull shape is both a reminder of our mortality, and of the ancestral connection between all creatures. Garnet is a stone of grounding and strength that helps us to hold our heads level through this experience. This is a powerful combination of stones that could bring about profound awareness. Use it in ritual intentionally to begin with. As you get used to the energy you may be able to wear it daily. It’s a great piece to wear if you feel you have lost the wonder of life and want to rediscover that. It is also good if you are specifically working with universal consciousness experiences, particularly in trance practice.