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Sacred Circle Guardian

Sacred Circle Guardian

This is a large piece, made with a gold sheen obsidian arrowhead, rainbow moonstone, clear quartz, amethyst, blue apatite, rainbow hematite, and labradorite. It would be perfect for a group facilitator to wear as they create sacred circle spaces for communities to explore their spirituality, practice magickal work, and share healing ceremony together. A good leader is intuitive, compassionate and kind, using their own spiritual awareness to help others find theirs too. Gold sheen obsidian is a stone of compassionate and caring leadership and guidance. Moonstone and amethyst are stones of intuition, spiritual awareness and magic. Blue apatite and labradorite encourage us to explore the mysteries, inner worlds and find the guidance of spirit. Rainbow hematite helps us to stay balanced in our energy. A beautiful combination for those who would bring service to others as community space facilitators in the Sacred Circle.

This is a larger piece intended to be worn in ritual work ceremonially. Be aware it is heavier than most other pieces. The cord is adjustable in length. It's safest to wear it short so that is does not swing and get damaged, but the cord can be worn long so that it can sit over the solar plexus in meditation if desired. 

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