Power of Peace

This piece is made with lemon chrysoprase, malachite and new jade. There is a triquetra symbol that represents the union of three principles. It could mean many things and is a sacred symbol in modern Druidry. Lemon chrysoprase is a stone of deep peace, presence, reflection and gentle creativity. Malachite is a stone of leadership, empowerment and confidence. It encourages us to embrace our own power to make a difference. New jade is a stone of gratitude, simplicity, freshness and renewal. Together these stones encourage us to find the power of peace. The simple act of finding peace within ourselves and in our daily lives, ripples out into the world. We can lead by example by finding peace within and helping others to find that peace too. There is great power in gentle acts. Not all leadership is forceful or full of action. Sometimes leadership comes in the form of silence, contemplation, compassion and the ability to find peace.