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Online Nature Journaling Class

Online Nature Journaling Class

Join me, Julie Brett, for an ongoing class about nature journaling. Nature Journaling is a practice of combining nature observation with art and contemplative journaling practices. This is a weekly, ongoing class where, over time, you will learn:


- How to notice the changes in the world around you through the seasons
- How to identify plant and animal species
- How to use watercolour and ink art techniques to create a vibrant art journal that documents your observations
- How to gather information over a year's work of journaling into a Wheel of the Year
- How to create an artwork for a wheel of the year
- How to deepen your understanding of your local wheel of the year through developing seasonal celebrations and rituals. 


Come for a drop in class, or come every week to go deep into your connection with place. This practice only deepens and expands the more we explore it, hence this is an ongoing class, rather than a course with a set schedule. 





Be prepared for your first class by acquiring the following materials: 

- A watercolour journal, preferably A5 size or close to that, with300g cold pressed paper 
- Hard pan watercolour paint set
- Fine black pen with waterproof ink 
- Fine white Posca pen, 0.7mm is ideal
- Paint brushes, pointed, sizes 4 and 10 are ideal
- Water container
- Tissues
- A hairdryer may also be useful to have handy.



See my website for my specific product recommendations. If you purchase via these links it would help me as I receive a small commission, with no additional cost to yourself. If you'd rather use supplies you already have, or want to buy from somewhere else, that's totally fine, of course. 

Classes will be held on Discord via video conferencing and will not be recorded. Please sign up for your free Discord account before the class date and familiarise yourself with how it works at 


Discord server links are time limited to 24 hours, so they will be sent to your email after tickets are purchased. Please look out for this email and join the discord server within 24 hours of receiving your link. If you don't receive a link email or if your link expires, please contact Julie at to organise a new link. If a class has already begun you will get a link for the following class. 


Classes begin at 10:30am Sydney NSW time and end at 11:30 Sydney NSW time. The room will open at 10:25am. Please check time differences for the time in your local area. 

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