Night Sky Magic

This piece is made with nebula stone, amber and black agate. These stones all have associations with the skies and magic, so that makes this a lovely piece if you are interested in astrology and exploring the zodiac, astronomy and star gazing, or even meditations where one visits other worlds or flies through the skies. Nebula stone has combinations of black and green with white speckles making it look like the blooming shapes of nebulas visible through telescopes in the night sky. If far distant realms inspire you, this is a wonderful stone to work with as wearing it will remind you of the beauty of these otherworldly shapes and constellations. Amber is not a stone but solidified resin from trees. It is very light as has been associated with astral projection and inner world journeying for a long time. It is a substance sacred to witches and the magic of the inner worlds. Black agate is a stone of the crown and base chakras. It's energy holds the maxim of 'as above, so below' helping you bring your star gazing insights into the world we live in.