Motherly Love

This piece is made with rose quartz, manago calcite, citrine and purple quartz. The combination is great for mothers and carers, as well as those in caring roles such as nursing or teaching, or anyone who is working with Mother Goddess energies, or the Divine Feminine in their spiritual work. Rose quartz is a stone of love, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional healing. Manago calcite encourages bonding, nurturing, closeness and a fondness for those we have to take care of. It can help create strong bonds between carers and those they care for, and teaches us about the deeper meanings of these connections. Citrine is a stone of creativity – always important to be able to have a clear head and think on the spot when caring for others! And purple agate is simultaneously grounding and stimulating to the intuitive faculties, helping us to be more aware of and sensitive to our gut feelings.