Morrigan's Mysteries

This piece is made with red jasper, black agate and garnet. It honours the Morrigan in her relationship with sensuality, sexuality, sovereignty and life-force energy. The Morrigan is a sovereignty Goddess, representing the Land and our relationship to her. As lovers of the Morrigan, Gods and humans find courage and victory in life’s battles. This teaches us that when we love the land, our lives are in balance. Red jasper is a stone of sensuality and the life force energy. It helps us get in touch with our bodies and the world around us through the senses. Black agate is a stone of magic, wisdom, and the thresholds between seen and unseen worlds. Garnet is a stone of inner strength and empowerment. The Raven depicted in the piece is one of the forms taken by the Morrigan when shapeshifting.