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Kangaroo Earth Healer

Kangaroo Earth Healer

This piece is made with serpentine, kangaroo fur, and hand tooled leather with kangaroos in zoomorphic knotwork designs. There is also clay work around the serpentine stone of gum nuts and gum leaves. Kangaroo teaches us lessons of resourcefulness, travel and adventure, thriving through adversity, and always moving forward. Serpentine is a stone of nature’s wisdom, the otherworlds and spiritual connection. The gum trees are symbols of health, leadership, knowledge and seeing the big picture. A great piece for those on the path of Australian Druidry who connect with the wisdom of the Kangaroo.

Disclaimer: The kangaroo fur was bought in Brewarrina on recommendation that I do so by an Aboriginal friend. We were there for a corobborree about environmental sustainability. I will always source leather ethically and sustainably. You can read more about the trip in my book Belonging to the Earth: Nature Spirituality in a Changing World.


You can also read about my ethics around using animal products in my jewelry work here:
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