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Introduction to Nature Journaling E-Book

Introduction to Nature Journaling E-Book

An e-book introducing you to the practice of Nature Journaling. Fully illustrated with art by Julie Brett, this e-book will give you the information you need to get started in your own nature journaling adventure. You'll learn:


  • What nature journaling is as a personal observation and reflection practice
  • How to develop a growth mindset to make nature journaling a meditative practice
  • Different techniques for nature journaling either outdoors or indoors
  • How to break through the fear and uncertainty we can feel around starting a new book or page
  • Page layout suggestions and examples to help you get started
  • Techniques for working with watercolour paints and pen. 
  • Resource suggestions to help you find out more information about your subject matter
  • Techniques for adding text in interesting ways
  • Many examples of page layouts and topics that might inspire you to create your own journal. 


When you purchase this item it will be sent to you in an email as a PDF file.  

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