Higher Ground

Amethyst, a crown chakra stone, assists in opening and supporting us as we connect with universal energies and higher levels of consciousness.  This violet flame is emotionally supportive and healing, assisting the wearer to release lower vibration burdens that may be wearing them down.  It is an enlivener, helping us to reconnect with what we love and profound insight into our true soul purpose.  Amethyst can be a valuable meditation companion, promoting a deeper state of relaxation while increasing our natural psychic protection.  Those who practice lucid dreaming may find that amethyst eases the transition into the dream realm.

Conversely, hematite is a root chakra stone, intensely grounding and protective with an entirely different energy than amethyst.  The marriage of the two is ideal, as hematite draws up Earth energy and brings a level of practicality to the energy flowing down from the crown chakra.  Hematite is a strong ally for protection, self-control, physical manifestation, and is ideal for helping “airy fairy” personalities to gain perspective and “worldliness”.    

This piece would be ideal for someone who has big ideas and is spirit led, but often finds that they do not fully manifest.  Those in the helping professions or those dealing with emotional turmoil would also greatly benefit from the gentle but powerful combination of protective and transmutative stones.