Hazel Touchwood (B)

This piece is made with a hand carved touchwood of hazel, black quartz, and lapis lazuli. Hazel is the ninth tree in the ogham alphabet. It is associated with wisdom, poetry, inspiration and the senses. Nine hazels grew at the Well of Segais, the source of the River Boyne. It was there that Fionn MacCumhaill (say Finn McCool) received the Awen when he burned his thumb while cooking the salmon of wisdom for the Druid Finnegas. The hazel trees had been providing nuts for the salmon to eat. The Well is said to be fed by five streams, representing the five senses, and it is through the five senses that wisdom is received. This beautiful tale is full of wisdom and the hazel is a part of that story. Black quartz and lapis lazuli have been chosen to complement the energy of hazel. Black quartz is a stone of wisdom, meditation, insight, wisdom and higher awareness. Lapis lazuli is a stone of inspiration, Awen, poetic expression, and speaking our truth.