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Earth Mother Statue

Earth Mother Statue

The Earth Mother has many names all over the world. She is Nerthus, Erce, Danu, and Anu in Britain. Where I live here in the Blue Mountains, she is known as Gunai Dhaura in Gundungurra and Bemul Wianga in Dharug languages. What are her names where you live? She is the Earth itself, the forces of life, creativity, birth, death and rebirth, abundance, wild nature, nurturing parenthood, the waters and trees of life. She is the source of being; the personification of life on Earth. Also known as Gaia, and many other names.


These statues are individually handmade and unique. Each one is a bit different. They are made with air drying clay and have a painted finish. They are approximately 9cm in height. They make a beautiful addition to any nature-based altar for focusing your spiritual work and intentions.


To read more about nature-based spirituality and Druidry, see the Australian Druidry section of this website for books and other items.

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