Dreamy blue howlite tenderly rests against the throat chakra, not only facilitating clear communication in the dream realm, but gentler words while awake.  Blue howlite is calming, conducive to the release of stress and anxiety and invoking peaceful interactions.  It can give a bit of an energy boost to move away from stagnation.  Placed on the third eye chakra, it is said to assist in retrieving past life memories.  This knowledge can give a deeper insight into old patterns which we may be unconsciously repeating, facilitating their release and the development of new, healthier ways of being.  Wearing this stone during the day opens us to receive spiritual attunement and paves the way for powerful dreams as we slumber with an improved recollection.  Astral travelers and lucid dreamers benefit greatly with the aid of this stone. 

This necklace would suit someone who has had a feeling that spirit has something that they need to hear, but it just is not quite coming through clearly, as well as seasoned cosmonauts wanting to dive deeper.