Brigid and Morrigan Amulet

This piece is made with red and black agates, and honours the triple Goddesses Brigid and the Morrigan. They are both Goddesses of the threshold between life and death; potential and manifesation. Brigid is a Goddess of healing, poetry, smithcraft, midwifery, and the sacred flame. She brings things into being. The Morrigan is a Goddess of battle, winter, divination, sex, death and sovereignty. She holds the threshold into the unknown, into the inner worlds, the underworlds and the otherworlds. Together they hold the balance of energies through the year. Red agate is a stone of life force energy. It also represents the fires of the forge, and the mysteries of the life-blood. Black agate is a stone of magic and the thresholds between this world and the subtle realms. 

The leather is hand-carved and stamped. The decorations are apoxie. The back fastens with a sliding knot and is adjustable to any size.