Black Morrigan

This piece is made with black tourmaline and black agate stones. The leatherwork is hand tooled with Celtic knotwork and the clay designs are of a Raven, more knotwork and a very small triquetra symbol. This piece honours the energy of The Morrigan, an important Goddess figure in the Celtic mythology of Ireland. The Morrigan is the crone goddess of wisdom, battle, sovereignty, divination, death and rebirth. Her symbols are the raven, eel and cow. She encourages us to embrace our power and understand the regenerative qualities of allowing endings. Black tourmaline is a stone of protection, releasing negativity, shadow work and cleansing magic. Black agate is a stone of magic, wholeness, transformation and manifestation. If you are feeling the call of the Morrigan, this is a wonderful piece to work with her energy.

Good book for more information: ‘Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan’ by Stephanie Woodfield.