Birch/Beithe Touchwood

This piece is made with a hand carved touchwood of silver birch, along with stones of new jade and green aventurine. Birch is the first tree of the ogham alphabet. It symbolises new beginnings, cleansing, self-discipline, welcoming change, being open to opportunity and personal growth. It is combined with new jade’s complementary energy that brings new beginnings and growth, flourishing and optimism, nature connection and an ability to find joy in simplicity. Green aventurine also brings nature connection, clears the mind, brings humour and good nature, and helps with meditation. A great piece for beginning journeys in learning, particularly nature based studies. It can also be a great combination to work with when welcoming change into your life and looking for opportunities for new growth and personal development. Touch the wood to feel the energy of the tree, hence the name 'touchwood'. 

A great book for learning more about the Ogham is Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred. 

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