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Ancient Intuition

Ancient Intuition

This piece is made with orthoceras fossil, rainbow moonstone, natural clear quartz points, and small pieces of black tourmaline. Orthoceras fossils are the remains of creatures that lived around 450 million years ago. They help us with ancestral work, healing ancestral lines, and delving into the mysteries of the evolution of life on our planet and the threads of life passed down through the countless generations of being. Rainbow moonstone is a stone of intutive sense, ancestral memory, phsychic knowing and the inner worlds. It is also useful when working with moon magic and the cycles of the moon. Black tourmaline is a healing, cleansing and protective stone. Clear quartz is clarifying and helps us to direct our intentions with the Will. Together this piece is great for those interested in exploring ancestral stories and healing, the evolution of life, and the mysteries of life on Earth. 


The cord fastening is a sliding knot with long cords to be worn at any length. 

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