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Ancestral Spirit

Ancestral Spirit

This piece is made with clear quartz, dragon's blood jasper and citrine. It also features a spiral design that represents the cycles of life, death and rebirth that connects us with the past and future of all being. Dragon's blood jasper is a stone that encourages us to explore the stories of our ancestors. Our ancestors can be those we are related to through the passing on of life-force through the generations. It can also be lineages of teachers, wisdom and knowledge that have inspired us. And it can be the ancestors of the land we stand on in any moment. Connecting with the knowledge of the ancestors is a spiritual practice as well as one where we learn about history and personal experience through research, memory and conversation. Understanding the lines of wisdom present through our many ancestors helps us to understand ourselves, and ultimately can be a deep source of wisdom and inspiration. Citrine adds clear thinking, creativity and courage. Clear quartz uplifts the spirit and helps us to focus our intentions. 


Cord is long and adjustable with a sliding knot fastening. Can be worn at any length. 

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