Ancestor's Strength

This piece is made with dragon’s blood jasper, bloodstone and garnet. Dragon’s blood jasper and bloodstone are both stones that helps us to connect with our ancestral lines. This can be the line of physical ancestors, through the blood that tracks lines through cultures and histories, helping us understand who we are in our bodies. It can also be the ancestors of our inspirations, our traditions and lineages of learning – those who have shown us truth and helped us to understand who we are in our minds. This can also be the ancestors of the Land in which we live – the many people who have walked here before us, leaving their marks on the land, changing it and shaping it and leaving stories here for us to discover. They help us understand who we are in the places we live. Garnet is a stone of strength, determination and health, helping us to embrace all three of these ancestral lines as a part of ourselves to be acknowledged and remembered.